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Some helpful notes to get you started useing Weld for Google Sheets

Install Weld Plugin

How to Create an Account

To get started with Weld, please visit our extension store page. Then, click "Install". After you accept the permissions that pop up, you can add the extension from any Google Sheet! Just open a new or existing Google Sheet (make sure you're using the same Google account that you installed the extension with), then click addons and select "Weld" from the dropdown. That's it!

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Logging In

Click Addons from the Google Sheet menu, then click "Weld". From there, a new tab will open for where you will need to authenticate your Google account and you should be logged in!

Adding to Google Sheets

To add Weld to any Google Sheet, just click "Addons" from the toolbar at the top, followed by "Get add-ons". After selecting "Get add-ons", search for "Weld AI" in the window that appears, then click "Install".After accepting the permissions, you should be good to go to start using Weld!

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Exporting to Excel

While we don't support Microsoft Excel yet, it is still easy to export to the Microsoft supported format, .xlsx by clicking File, followed by Download, then Microsoft Excel (.xlsx).

Creating your first Report

It's simple to create a report of your ad data in Google Sheets using Weld. First, activate the extension by clicking Add-ons in the Google Sheet's toolbar, followed by Weld, then Start.

1. Select your Data Source
2. Select Data Range
3. Metrics & Dimension
4. Import your Data to Sheets
5. Unlock the power of your Ad Data in Google Sheets
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