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Weld for sheets plugin - importing google analytics data to google sheets database
Supported data-sources:
Google Analytics
Google Analytics 4
Google Ads
Google Search Console

Supported data-sources:

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Google Analytics

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Google Ads

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Facebook Ads

Powerful report builder

Our sidebar query builder gives you a mix of simplicity and power.
Choose from metrics and dimension breakdowns, apply filters and segments to get the results you need.

Weld for Sheets plugin - example chart with dataWeld for Sheets plugin - import plugin options
Weld for sheets plugin - automatic refresh data options for google data

Refresh your data automatically

Choose from daily, weekly and monthly refreshes.
Our automatic refresh will keep your Sheet and your visualizations up to date, giving you powerful dashboards at the click of a button.

How it works

Simple steps to importing your data

Unlock the power of your analytics data in 3 simple steps.


Why should I choose Weld?

Super simple to use, accurate, nothing else really needs to be said! Really appreciate the tool 🙏
Dom Stern
I love Weld! Was pretty much instant value, and I was pulling in my data in just a few minutes.
Sarah Cunningham
Founder of Biv

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Our powerful productivity plugin for Google Sheets will help you manage and control your business data in just a few clicks.

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